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Journalism Brain. Fashion Heart.

Who I am.

Sierra Leone. 22. Multimedia Journalist. Fashion Blogger.

Two years ago, when I started this blog, I wrote these words:

No, I’m not Andrea…yet. And I am definitely far…ffaarr from Andy. But what Andrea and I do have in common, besides aspiring to be prominent journalists, is that heart-tugging infatuation for fashion.

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to say that I probably created BDWP for you. You and anyone else who is in love with the fashion world and the magazine publications dedicated to it. I’ve worked at a few myself…still do.

Even if you’ve never stepped foot inside Hearst or Conde Nast…or NYC for that matter, I wear and appreciate your ideals about the industry with gladness, because I may still have them myself. I have grown into my own, yes, but this blog still represents something bigger than me. It represents anyone on the path of Andy to Andrea…even if the only way you’ll get to walk that path is by watching the movie or reading the book…or buying yourself a pair of Prada just because.

I salute you…refuse to condemn you…and encourage you to keep reading this blog.


How to contact me.

Email: sierraleone@ess-elle-ess.com


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