Turning 21 Again

The retail wonderland that is Forever 21 reminds me of my undergrad adventures at the University of Pittsburgh. Weekends were spent taking the 54C (which became the 75, right?) to Southside Works, all to visit the same place pretty much every other Pitt girl with similar tastes was shopping. I’d stock up on essentials at XXII — $5 V-necks, $2 camis, $11 skinny jeans — and splurge on special occasion items, thinking, wait, no one who’d be at the Pitt News formal shops here, right?

Oh, undergrad. Oh, undergrad budget.

I made myself a promise, though, that once I turned 22, shopping at Forever 21 just had to GO. Grownups do grownup things and have grownup budgets and shop at grownup places — like H&M? (Ha!)

And so I turned 22, and I never looked back. Which was OK: My $11 jeans had only been good for a few wears and then one of the belt loops tore. My Pitt News formal dress was only worn twice.

But then, I moved to Alaska. You know, where Rodeo Drive is mistaken for a reindeer-riding competition. (Is that shade? I didn’t mean for it to be.) And lo and behold, there was a Forever 21 — sparkling, spacious and tucked away in the corner of Dimond mall.

Now, my favorite online clothing and shoe stores take forever and a day to ship to the Last Frontier. Really. I’m still waiting on shoes I purchased in 2014!! And I have to plan outfits 90 days in advance now. Like, will winter white still be acceptable in March? Hmmm. So, needless to say, I migrated to Forever 21, b/c well, limited options. Which means I broke my promise. (LISTEN. I be droppin dollahs at XXI some days like nobody’s business.) Never say never, I guess.

In the fabulous photos below, it is 19 degrees outside and my fingertips are frozen — that just needed to be known. Major thanks to two lovely Anchorage ladies who contributed to the fabulousness: Gabrielle Macgregor did a wonderful job on my makeup and photographer Marisabel Esparza braved the cold with me. #girlpower

…And speaking of Southside Works, anyone from Pitt remember that time I was in the running to become the “face” of that PGH strip mall? Oh, undergrad. Oh, undergrad shenanigans.







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  1. Valerie
    January 13, 2015

    You are stunning in these shots!

    Lol my law school friend and I said the same thing about XXI in law school… But we kept going back because student budgets dictate where we shopped!

    No idea you moved to Alaska for a tv station gig! Congratulations.


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