Uncrunched: Episode 2

Let me tell you about my first big snow in Anchorage.

…wait. It hasn’t happened yet.

We did get snow once and I freaked (fuh-reaked) out. Like, almost took Uber to work. But by sundown, it had all melted and all was right again in my world.

Still, I survived — and bought practical shoes should another snowfall happen.


They came in the mail and I was instantly unsettled. Where’s the heel? Where are the straps? What is this thick-sole-but-not-a-platorm? What is this buckle-my-shoe bit?

But I made the best of it. I mean, it IS Alaska. (When in Rome…)

I styled an outfit around my newbie shoes — who I have not yet given a name, on purpose. And, honestly, I loved the outfit.

(Let us take a moment to reflect on the wonderfulness of Kat’s photography. **takes a moment)



As the days went by in my fabulous life in Anchorage, I styled the shoes with more outfits. Everywhere I went with these new babies on, I got a compliment on them. Grocery store — compliment, the mall — another compliment, the post office (to pick up more shoes) — compliment.

I’m not easily influenced, y’all. But when Alaskan after Alaskan after Alaskan is telling you, “yyyyaaaassss!” (Ha! Not really, but you get the point), you gotta go with it. So, I went with it. And I bought another pair of them in a different color.


So, see me in these Anchorage streets in my newer newbie babies. And if you don’t live in Anchorage, well, see me on the blog sporting the clothes I bought to match my newer newbie babies.


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I’m gearing up for a Thanksgiving post…stay tuuuuned!

Oh, and send a few up to baby Jesus that snow stays far, far away from me. 

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  1. Maura
    November 25, 2014

    You should so invent a cuter attachment to heels for the snow!! Make a patent and everything! Nice post :)


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