Before the Devil Wore Prada
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Uncrunched: Episode 1

It all began as a joke to pitch a show about little ol’ (fabulous) me living in Alaska.

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5 Things I Learned as a First-Time Bridesmaid

Wait…are we at that age where we get married and have children?!? Y’all. I’m so not ready.

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Making Moves: From Women’s Magazines to Local News

So…I’m moving to Alaska!

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It’s All in the Ensambl

Searching hashtags? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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About A Beau

Bring on the warmer weather!
**cue music
Let’s hear it for the beau…
…oh, let’s give the beau a hhaanndd.

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Balling on a Budget: Hip Hop Made Me Shop

Kanye West sits at the convergence of fashion, race and culture. This year alone, he released his sixth No. 1 album Yeezus, launched a successful

accompanying tour, got engaged to Kim Kardashian and released a music video featuring them both riding a motorcycle, his topless fiancée straddling him for the majority

of the song. Most recently, West has also heavily expressed his frustration in trying to break into the fashion industry, using

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Queer Eye for the History Buff

Once upon a time, men wore monochromatic breeches, pantaloons or trousers. And their female counterparts wore skirts,

whether for special occasions, everyday wear or for lounging around the log cabin. Oscar Wilde changed all that when he arrived on American soil

with his colorful britches, extravagant jackets and a new concept to share — aestheticism, which may have been our first introduction to personal style.

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Cancer No Match for a Pair of Pink Heels

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Or, better yet, “Who’s really in control?”—because breast cancer, it turns out,

is no fairytale. Just ask Atlanta-resident Lisa Vingerling, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2008 at 30 years old and had to plan her life around

uncontrollable forces that were now inside her body.Vingerling had a family history of breast cancer, and so her .44 percent chance 

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A Little Help from Hawthorne the Stylist

Behind a rusty red door on Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn sits Studio 80, 2000 square feet of rental space reserved for video production and photo shoots.

Fashion stylist Roderick Hawthorne has been here twice, both times for editorial shoots. His third visit, however, will be for a project of a different kind. On Oct. 18, Hawthorne will

transform the studio space into a classroom. The course title: The Hawthorne Experience. Cost of admission: $250 per attendee, with an expected class size of 

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NYFW: S/S 2014

This season of New York Fashion Week was literally a non-stop span of 8 days in which I got no sleep and Instgrammed, Tweeted, and Facebooked my tail off…all in 6-inch heels, of course. My feet are totally paying 

the price, but the experience sparked a renewal of appreciation for designers and their craft…and an appreciation of my own craft. I met a genius. I hung backstage

with adorable male models at MBFW. I was mistaken for an actual model a handful of times. lol just knocking things off the Bucket List, you know. 

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What Men Want: To Shop

Ask a man if he wants to go shopping, and it just sounds wrong. But if you ask a man if he wants to look good and feel good…well, I don’t really know

a man who would turn down a pleasurable experience. Exactly. It’s all in the experience. What’s important to a man when he’s shopping?

The same thing that’s important to him any other day of the week: Sight and Touch. Which brings me to the question: What would be the ideal menswear store?

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My Fair Lady Relish

If you’ve had a chance to read the newest issue of Jezebel (oh hheeyy, Jennifer Hudson), then you’ve seen this little write-up from me:

The lovely ladies of Atlanta come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s this: “Girls just wanna have fu-un.”

**Cue my favorite part from this Lauper hit. “Some boys take a beautiful girl / And hide her away from…

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